Java fundamentals (Beyond basic)

Java editions Java has 5 editions/platforms Java SE - Standard Edition Java EE - Enterprise level application Java FX - Java smart client application Java ME - Micro Edition Android Android is the most popular phone platform using Java. However, Java Micro Edition still plays a really important role in smart devices and the internet … Continue reading Java fundamentals (Beyond basic)

Understanding Bitcoin

Companion Video: Bitcoin is just another currency. Bitcoin refers to the entire currency system and BitCOINS are basic units (just like Dollar or Pound) Like other currencies, you can save/ spend Bitcoins, or exchange with other currencies. What is Digital currency? Digital currency can be easily stored and used on a computer. Dollar can be … Continue reading Understanding Bitcoin

Git and Github: Key points

Command line tutorial File compare tool from OS Windows :- FC (File compare) Linux/Mac :- Diff (Difference) Git Check git version git --version Git commit story Each commit has an Id. For a medium sized repository, first 8 chars can be enough to uniquely identify the commit. Details log command, git log … Continue reading Git and Github: Key points