Java fundamentals (Beyond basic)

Java editions Java has 5 editions/platforms Java SE - Standard Edition Java EE - Enterprise level application Java FX - Java smart client application Java ME - Micro Edition Android Android is the most popular phone platform using Java. However, Java Micro Edition still plays a really important role in smart devices and the internet … Continue reading Java fundamentals (Beyond basic)

Understanding Bitcoin

Companion Video: Bitcoin is just another currency. Bitcoin refers to the entire currency system and BitCOINS are basic units (just like Dollar or Pound) Like other currencies, you can save/ spend Bitcoins, or exchange with other currencies. What is Digital currency? Digital currency can be easily stored and used on a computer. Dollar can be … Continue reading Understanding Bitcoin

Git and Github: Key points

Command line tutorial File compare tool from OS Windows :- FC (File compare) Linux/Mac :- Diff (Difference) Git Check git version git --version Git commit story Each commit has an Id. For a medium sized repository, first 8 chars can be enough to uniquely identify the commit. Details log command, git log … Continue reading Git and Github: Key points

Android: Gradle First Look

Introduction Gradle favors convention over configuration. It means, Gradle provides default values for settings and properties. This makes Gradle very easy to get started with. However, if you would like to change/override Gradle default settings and properties, you can do that easily. Gradle uses Groovy DSL (Domain Specific Language) as it's configuration lanugage. Groovy is … Continue reading Android: Gradle First Look