Yosemite final release – First look with fixes and workaround

Just installed Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) final release version. Look wise its great! though it might take a while for me to get used to.

Mine is MacBook Pro (mid 2012 – non retina). Specifically,

MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012)
Processor 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Quad core
Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB
Dedicated Nvidia graphics 512 MB
120 GB Solid State SATA Drive

I have got almost 15 GB of free space after upgrading, (possibly junk files of Mavericks?)

[Click on image for enlarged view]

System config Yosemite

Here are some key points I would like to share

Messages font customisation

It came to me a bit surprise that Messages font can not be customised anymore. Possibly next update of Yosemite will give the user the customisation ability.

iMessage font customisation option not present

Hazy screen sometimes

Experienced hazy screen on Appstore app sometimes. it is the first time I see hazy screen on mac. Though it was just for a blink of an eye (1 sec max). Couldn’t take the screenshot by then.

Pages, Keynote, Numbers

iCloud had been disabled for a while for Yosemite update. Now User can share documents via iCloud. Remember, once you upgrade your account to use iCloud then you won’t be able to access iCloud from your older x-OS device. That means, you can use iCloud from Yosemite+ or iOS 8+ devices only.

Along with the Yosemite Apple has also released Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Surprising enough, you have to download all of these three softwares in 2 steps!! First you need to click on “Update” from Appstore update tab and then it will be updated. After updating, it won’t go away from the list rather waiting you for click “update” button again and then it will be updated finally. The download file of two different updates are different. So there is no confusion that the first update didn’t work, rather its a two step process.

Pages in Yosemite

Ecamm call recorder (Skype)

I was using Ecamm Skype call recorder 2.5.7, which is no longer working with Yosemite. Upgrade and use Ecamm call recorder 2.5.9 with Skype 6.15
Ecamm call recorder 2.5.11+ with Skype 7.0+

Chromium and Google chrome

Chromium and Google chrome both have some major issues with Yosemite. Got several “Chromium helper (not responding)” from System monitor. After a bit searching I found it has been happened to many other users. Although experts are saying its a very innocent bug (won’t do any harm at all) and people should not be worried.

Chromium not responding Yosemite

Updated my Chromium and Google chrome to latest version. It appears to me that, Google chrome is less battery hungry now than its previous versions and Chromium. You might give it a try.

Java 6.0 runtime

Android studio, AppCode, IntelliJIDEA all these software from JetBrains (and others software required Java) won’t get started until you install Java 6.0 runtime. Although Yosemite shows a convenient alert with the link to download the necessary software. (http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US)

TRIM Enabler

Previous version of Trim enabler won’t work with Yosemite. You need to use the latest version with a cost. New version of Trim enabler will disable an added security feature from Yosemite and leave you to the security features as of Mavericks. (http://www.cindori.org/trim-enabler-and-yosemite/)

How to check Trim support:
About This Mac -> System Report -> SATA/SATA Express -> TRIM Support: Yes

Check Trim support


Viber desktop application won’t work with Yosemite until you do a little trick. So far there is no update for Viber desktop application, but I could enable it by following this link: http://zakelfassi.com/2014/08/25/fix-viber-mac-osx-yosemite/

Maximize app

Maximise button of the App will make it Full screen app. There is no “Full screen” button at the top-right corner of any application. Now the Maximise button will do the work. Because of this feature/decision you might face an annoyance. If you make an app full screen in secondary monitor then you won’t be able to move any other apps to the secondary screen. First you need to make the app non-maximised.


Avro is not working and haven’t found any fix yet. Will update this post if I get one. You can always use http://avro.im anyway. Chromium or Google chrome user can use “Google input tools” (http://www.google.com/inputtools/)

Avro update 1.2 has been released. Working great with Yosemite (http://www.omicronlab.com/iavro-download.html)

Glims for Safari

Glims for Safari is not compatible with Yosemite. I don’t know any fix yet. Will update this post if I get one.

All incompatible software are moved to “incompatible software” under Home/User directory.

Other than these issues the upgrade went smoothly. Upgrade size was: 5.16GB
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