ACM (TJU) : 2001


Draw Panel

/* * Class * Author: Tausiq * B.Sc in CTE (Studying) * United International University */ import java.awt.Graphics; import javax.swing.JPanel; public class DrawPanel extends JPanel { public void paintComponent ( Graphics g ) { super.paintComponent(g); int width = getWidth (); int height = getHeight (); int temp_width = 0; int temp_height = height; while … Continue reading Draw Panel

Running a Java File using Command Prompt

To execute a .java file u have to have installed JDK. Make sure, u have JDK (Java Development Kit) installed in ur pc if u don't have it, then u can download the latest version of JDK from ( download and install it. create a .java file using a text editor ( like Notepad, Wordpad … Continue reading Running a Java File using Command Prompt