Beginner problems

Here I have made a collection of some easy programming problems for Beginner’s practice with solutions and Critical Test Cases. These problems have been collected from various High Schools programming contest’s problem set. Namely, UAB, TCEA, hsin.coci, Young Programmer etc. I hope the problems would be simple enough for the beginners and provided solution would answer the questions of beginner’s mind.

First try to solve the problems by yourself. You may take help from your textbook or Internet sources for information. After solving it, check whether your program gives correct output for Critical test Cases. If your program passes the critical cases then we can say your program is correct! After that take a look at the respective solutions given below of each problem.

Make a comment if you don’t get how the program really works! If you find any bug or want to offer a better solution then you are most welcome to comment.

Hope you will enjoy practicing these problems … Happy coding!

UAB: 2005
Factorial Calculator
Searching 101
Binary to Decimal Converter
Push Ups with Blaze
Valid Identifier Checker
Shortest Path in Alabama

UAB: 2006
Stack Machine Interpretation
Verifying the 8-Queens
Diamond Printer
Merging at the Brick Yard
Circle Intersection

TCEA: State 2001
Do You Have Enough Money?
Parallelogram Words
Where Does It Fit?
How Many Weeks?
Lettered Numeration System
Scientific Notation
Which Truck Is Closer?
Spelling Bee
Average Word Value
Order It
Matrix Spinner
Letter Counter
Rock, Paper, And Scissors Tournament
Relatively Prime Degree
Decimal To Fraction Conversion
Reverse Pig Latin

TCEA: State 2002
Currency Converter
Matching Parentheses?
Letters Triangle
Lawn Supplies
Is The Weather Normal?
How Many Times?
Diamond Word
Print Commands
Decode It
Family Tree
Olympics Ratings
Spiral Unwind
Alphabetical Numbers
Binary Operations
Card Value
Time Passes

TCEA: State 2007
Training Times
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
The Next Number

Young Programmer’s Solutions
Problem : 1
Problem : 2
Problem : 3
Problem : 4
Problem : 5
Problem : 6
Problem : 7
Problem : 8
Problem : 9
Problem : 10
Problem : 11
Problem : 12
Problem : 13
Problem : 14
Problem : 15
Problem : 16
Problem : 17

One Loop Design
problem : x1

16 thoughts on “Beginner problems

  1. Can you help me with this problem please

    Dr. Smith, a linguistics professor, has recently published a book written in the Navi language. The language uses a subset of the English characters. However, the ordering of these characters is quite different from that of the English alphabet. For example, the letter A may come after H, and X may come before C, etc. Similar to other books, this book needs an index table in the back of the book, and the index must be ordered by the lexical order of the Navi language. You will be given the order of letters in the Navi language and a list of key words that have appeared in the book. You are to write a program that will generate the index table for the key words based on the given letter order.
    The first input line contains letters of the Navi language, from lowest order to the highest order. Only uppercase letters will be given and there is a blank space between two letters. The following input lines contain a list of words in lowercase letters, one word per line and the list is ended with ‘@’. You may assume that each word can be at most 15 characters long, and there are at most 50 words.
    Your program should print the words in lexical order. Same as any index table, the first letter of each word should be capitalized

  2. hello ,
    i am beginner in c programming and i want to solve this problem
    set of specifications :
    1.access to the company must be controlled automatically
    2.the system should automatically save employed pointing schdule (date and time )
    3.the number of times that the employee remained to society is saved

  3. Plz help me
    How is this program work?
    void main()
    int n,a,b;
    printf(” Enter 3-digits number”);
    a = n/100;
    n = n%100;
    b = n/10;
    n = n%10;
    printf(” Number in reverse order is %d%d%d”,n,a,b);

    If 123 is enter then output is 321.
    How output is become ?
    plz tell me

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